100% Donation Policy


Donation Policy

Our Commitment to 100 % Donation Policy

Cap Foundation understands the importance of trust/amanah; the responsibility and accountability it brings. It is why all public donations that Cap Foundation receives are fully allocated to its designated project you have intended. For example: If a donor gives £100 with the intention of helping towards building a house, Cap Foundation will ensure that your donation is only used for the Shelter Accommodation.

• Business and partners donations are given specifically to support the operational and admin cost. Standing Orders made by supporters is specifically advised that this monthly donation will be used for all administration purpose. However, if a donor wants to set up a standing order to complete his/her commitments then this money will be strictly used for its designated projects.

• Each year a team of volunteers, including trustees, management and respected donors from UK travels to Bangladesh on field visit to deliver all projects and visit all sites to meet the beneficiaries personally and ensure your donation have made a positive impact to those who are in need. Each person who travels with us covers their own cost for travel/accommodation, and that is the policy Cap Foundation has in place.

All our Admin and operation cost are covered through the following methods: Tax reclaimed from the UK government’s Gift Aid Scheme. This allows taxpayers to increase the value of their donation by 25%. This additional money is allocated to the charity’s administration fund.

Donation pots are placed in different businesses, which are collected at the end of each month and the loose changes are allocated towards the administration support.

Why not start your own fundraising event? Income generated from small projects i.e. Sport Activities & Tournaments, Mountain Trek and Charity Car Wash are allocated towards operational costs.


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